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ANCELLER provides a complete range of Air Conditioning & Ventilation services for the building segment, delivering through highly skilled experts and experienced project management teams who cater to the specific requirements of different clients through usage of advanced software like MEP Revit 11 provides complete building information modelling with details like 3D visualization, clash detection and BOQ analysis which allows budget control With the easy availability of state of the art products from all over the world, the focus of Anceller is optimized application and integration of these products and adoption of right process for timely delivery and quality.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems

Air conditioning plant (chilled water/DX)
Chilled water distribution system (primary/secondary/tertiary pump and insulated piping)
Condenser water system (cooling towers and piping)
Ventilation system (supply/return/exhaust air fans, air washers, and ducting)
Air distribution system (AHUs, FCUs, ducting, and fans)
Thermal insulation of ducts and under-deck insulation
Acoustic treatment of AHU and plant room as well as ducts
Life safety system (smoke exhaust)

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