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MEP services for Buildings

Anceller provides a complete range of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-fighting services for the building segment, delivered through highly skilled experts and experienced project management teams who cater to the specific requirements of different clients.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation system
Air conditioning plant (chilled water/DX)
Chilled water distribution system (primary/secondary/tertiary pump and insulated piping)
Condenser water system (cooling towers and piping)
Ventilation system (supply/return/exhaust air fans, air washers, and ducting)
Air distribution system (AHUs, FCUs, ducting, and fans)
Thermal insulation of ducts and under-deck insulation
Acoustic treatment of AHU and plant room as well as ducts
Life safety system (smoke exhaust)

Substation installation up to 132 kV
Power supply distribution for 415 V up to 132 KV
Earthing systems
Internal & external Lighting system
Lightening systems
Cables and cable supply systems up to 220 kV
SCADA, substation automation system
Transmission & distribution up to 220 kV
Electrical & instrumentation system
Digital control system
Extra low voltage system

Plumbing & Fire-fighting
Water supply & drainage system
Sanitary fixtures & CP fittings
Plant & utilities
Water treatment plants
Rain water harvesting
Sewage treatment plants
Hydrant & sprinkler system
Fire extinguishers
Gas suppression system

Extra Low Voltage Systems
Building automation
Fire Alarm & Detection system
Security & access control
Public address systems/audio-visual (voice alarm)
Pressure balancing for critical applications
Rodent repellent control system
Data & voice networking
Nurse calling system (hospital application)
Audio-visual system
Telecommunication & network

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