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MEP services for Infrastructure

ANCELLER provides a complete range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services for the infrastructure Projects, delivered through highly skilled experts and experienced project management teams who cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation
Air conditioning plant (chilled water/DX)
Chilled water distribution system (primary/secondary/tertiary pump and insulated piping)
Condenser water system (cooling towers and piping)
Forced ventilation & exhaust system (supply/return/exhaust air fans, air washers and ducting)
Air distribution system (AHUs, FCUs, ducting and fans)
Thermal insulation of ducts and under-deck insulation
Acoustic treatment of AHU and plant room, ducts
Life safety system (smoke exhaust)

Substation installation upto 220 kV
Power supply distribution for 415 V upto 220 kW
Earthing systems
Lighting systems (internal & external)
Lightening systems
Cables & cable supply systems upto 220 kV
SCADA and substation automation system
Transmission & distribution upto 220 kV
Electrical & instrumentation system
Digital control system
Extra low voltage system

Plumbing & Fire-fighting
Water supply & drainage system
Sanitary fixtures & CP fittings
Plant & utilities
Water treatment plants
Rain water harvesting
Sewage treatment plants
Hydrant & sprinkler system
Fire extinguishers
Gas suppression system

Extra Low Voltage Systems
Fire Alarm & Detection System
Access control System
Public address systems
Pressure balancing for critical applications
Rodent repellent control system
Data & voice networking
Audio-visual system
Room automation
Telecommunication network

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